The Good Steps To Writing An Essay

The first step is a choosing the topic.
The second step is to present the key ideas.
The third step is to search the necessary literature.
The fourth step is to write the text of essay.
The fifth step is to sum up the all materials.
We can find many heavy or easy steps to writing an essay. Essay is one of the types of work on the speech development of students which provides independent and thoughtful statement of their observations, thoughts and points of view that required by the topic of the work. The contents of essay must exactly match the chosen topic. Essays should be based on your knowledge on the chosen topic. In the essay you should show an accurate knowledge of the terminology which you use. Essay must have a strictly ordered logic which is well traced. The essay should have the key elements such as an introduction, a main body and a conclusion. All your thoughts, ideas, theses should be brought. You must use the persuasive arguments to prove your own point of view. You should also use different sources of information. It could be books, publications, newspapers and magazines. You can use interesting and funny stories, facts or quotes. They must be absolutely accurate and correctly decorated. The style of the essays should be only one. Your essay must match the style and contents of the essay. You can write epigraph, but it is not necessary in your work.

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